Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Home Spun comic strip #335

Home Spun comic strip #335

Guess what we're doing this week?

Against my better judgment, I even decided to test Sierra. In New York, I have the option to have her evaluated by a NY certified teacher. I hate to impose on the teachers I know, so I haven't used that option in years. It was easier to just test Chase and Marina after third grade. The thought of trying to gather up all the scraps of paper Sierra has used for various subjects makes me tired. I know, it's lazy of me, but I'm reporting three children right now. It's hard enough managing my time as all three test on different levels, and in Chase's case, on a different test. Sierra and Marina are using the CAT test because the PASS test (which I prefer) only covers grades 3-8. The PASS test gives a more detailed report on how the child is doing and strategies for improvement in weak areas.

For me, the worst part of testing is reading the instructions to them. After reading for the tenth time, "Fill in the circle completely and make your mark heavy and dark," I can't help laughing at the absurdity of it all. My kids will really know how to fill in bubbles when this is over. It's a skill I would not have thought to teach them on my own.

Editor's Note: It was pointed out that I forgot to add links for those of you who might like to have your kids take a test. Links are now available. But remember, education is not the filling of a bubble, but the floating of a creative spirit. Or feeling the soap between your fingers. And popping attitudes.


Kerian said...

I visited my grandmother's classroom after school regularly as a kid to "help her." (I know now my mom probably just needed someone to watch me.) I remember my grandmother having me go over tests to be sure bubbles were filled in all the way. ;) Thinking back on that now, I can't see how I was allowed to do that, but it happened regardless. I graded math papers for her, too.

ComfyDenim said...

Oh, wow.
Things I never thought of.
Will my kids be able to fill in the circles???

good luck with all that!!

Bonni said...

I feel a littel guilty that we don't have to test. And I'm feeling a little worried - did the first aid instructor have to teach K how to fill in the bubbles last week when she did her babysitter's course?!??

LauraMomandMagistra said...

Hahahah....oh, that was a good post. I like #334, too. Wow, testing. That is uncharted territory. I think in ND we test 3 times, and I think the first is after 3rd grade. I'll probably have to look into a while.
We've had a funny couple of days in our schoolwork. I initially thought homeschooling would emancipate my children from worksheets! But, for the past few days, they have asked, "Mom, print me out a worksheet!" But, if it delights them, we're going to direct ourselves that way.
Thanks for your friendship in the blogosphere!

Laughing Stars said...

You're going to love this. When my oldest was in PS, they had to do state-mandated SOL tests in 3rd grade. They spent whole blocks of time just practicing filling in ovals! I guess it was necessary, since teachers don't have the time, after the test, to check to make sure dozens of test sheets are computer ready -- but SHEESH!

We're doing CATs soon, too. It just seems like the simplest route.

Vicki said...

Links, Honey, links!!!

For those of us considering ordering those WOULD be interesting to see how he does after all. (And I'm skipping the fill in the bubble lesson, as I'm dying to know if he'll figure that part out, too!)

Inner Elder said...

Now that's the advantage of being OCD. I made sure those circles were filled in good and dark. Yes, they had these tests in ancient times but they were probably scored with a grid - very untechy.

Love, Grandma

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