Monday, March 16, 2009

Home Spun reprint #80

Home Spun comic strip #80

Whenever you feel overwhelmed, it's good to be able to call for help. I am very fortunate to live close to my parents. I'm doubly fortunate that I have a good relationship with them. My parents each have something to contribute to our homeschooling. Grandma has been there for numerous math crises and museum trips. Buelo offers his talents in playing the cuatro, a ten-stringed instrument, and Spanish language and culture. And if I ever need a good story about growing up in poverty in Puerto Rico, he's the man to call. (Yes, I do need those stories. Especially when toys are pushing my children out of their rooms.)


Soutenus said...

I hope you don't mind but I have a some questions -----
WHY do you homeschool?
What is/was the hardest or most unexpected part?
What curriculum do you use?
What is the highest grade you have taught to your kids?
Do you plan for them to transition into any other kind of schooling in the future?

We are making some big changes and I am hoping for sage advice :-)

Feel free to email me or just leave the answers in a com box at A Catholic Notebook.
I truly appreciate any information you have to share.


Renald128 said...

Hi JP!! I used to take cuatro lessons when I was younger!! That's a very popular instrument here in Venezuela, I didn't know that it even existed in other parts of the world! I will try to read your blog from now on and when I get time I will catch up with it!


Elizabeth Symington said...

Your blog is on my google reader. I'm hooked on the comic strips. I think I've only left 1 other comment, but I read your site often. Thank you for all of the great posts and artwork.


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