Thursday, March 5, 2009

Italy: San Marino

We have a short set today. Marina's camera was running low on battery power. The morning after Venice, they walked over to a beach close to their hotel in Veneto and watched the sun rise.

76-Veneto Sunrise

The bus left for Assisi, but they were going to make a stop at San Marino for lunch. San Marino, like Vatican city, is a separate country within Italy.
78-Closer View of San Marino

I love the views Marina captured!

San Marino has a beautiful view of the Apennine mountain range. This range is nicknamed the backbone of Italy because it runs down the center of the country.


San Marino was founded by a hermit named Marino. The hermit cured the husband of a very rich woman. The couple was so grateful that they gave the hermit Mount Titano. He was later sainted, so the mountain became San Marino. Today, San Marino has expanded from its original mountain.

While they were here, Marina bought batteries and they continued on their way to Assisi.

More views on my Flickr page.
Visit grandma's blog for more notes on their trip.

Next stop: Assisi


Anonymous said...


Vicki said...

Tehehe...I had to read this statement thrice to get it right..."The hermit cured the husband of a very rich woman."

My first reading understood this as the hermit 'removed' the husband from the rich wife therefore 'curing' him.

My second reading had me thinking that the hermit made the rich wife poor, therefore 'curing' them.

My third reading finally stopped with the pictures and got it right!

Lol, I fear for those who climb into my head and see what I see...

The pictures are beautiful!!! No wonder Italian art has always been so inspiring! Such a beautiful place!

flmom said...

All these pictures have been a delight to see!

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