Sunday, March 1, 2009

Italy: Venice

Ah! Venice!
A view from the ferry coming into Venice. Cars are not allowed in Venice. Usually people park at the ferry docks and take the ferry in.
59-View of Venice

This was one of two bridges they walked over to reach La Piazza di San Marco (St Mark's Square).
60-Bridge to St Marks

A law was passed in the 16th century to keep gondolas from becoming too ornate. Gondolas are very strictly regulated.

These are parts of the clock tower in St Mark's Square.
66-Clock Tower Bell67-Clock Tower Face68-Clock Tower

This is a mosaic over the main entrance to St Mark's Basilica. In the arches between groups of columns, mosaics depicted the story of bringing the remains of St. Mark to the Basilica from Egypt.
70-St Mark's Basilica

The glassmaking demonstration at a Murano glassworks.

Their gondolier. All gondolas are sized to their gondoliers because the oarlock has to be the right height for balance and control. Gondoliers of different heights can't trade gondolas.
72-Gondola Ride

The Grand Canal is the largest of all the canals in Venice.
73-Grand Canal

As the sun set, they returned to the ferry dock to go back to their hotel.
74-Venice Sunset

As always, you can view all the photos in my Flickr album.
Next stop: San Marino


Sandra said...

Lovely pictures

Purpleflowerpatch said...

So much to see, so much to, Marina!!

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Ahhh, beautiful!

TobyBo said...

these photos are great. I appreciate you and Marina sharing. :)

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