Monday, April 27, 2009

Home Spun comic strip #346

This week's strips are dedicated to my dad, aka Buelo. He will be 69 this Wednesday. Dad, this set of comics is your birthday present. I hope you like them!

Home Spun comic strip #346


Anonymous said...

I love the comic strip. Thank you. However, the point is only that it takes a little more thinking when it comes from the heart than when it comes from the store; unless the store is in your heart.
I love you all and you are the best gift I can get.

flmom said...

LOL - cute! Happy early birthday to your dad!

jugglingpaynes said...

I know that dad! It's hard to elaborate in three panels. You need to be a little patient and wait for the next two comics. You will find the story familiar! Love you!

Inner Elder said...

What a great gift! And I agree with Dad - you are the best gift of all. Love, Mom

Mama Self said...

Great comic strip!

Oh, I think you could forego paying the boys $ to clean your basement if you promissed them cookies!

Have a wonderful week!

Vicki said...

Hi! Happy Birthday Buelo!! I hope you get everything your heart desires! (and it sounds like you already did!) Congratulations!!

Young Lady?!?! Your comics are perfect as usual! I'll be looking to purchase my Mother's Day collection soon. =P

Love ya!!

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