Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Home Spun comic strip #347

Home Spun comic strip #347

Today is my father's birthday. This set (including Friday's strip) is based on an actual gift we gave my father several years ago. We interviewed various family members and Marina wrote up their responses. I typed it up, we debated different fonts and colors and then printed it out to give to him. I'm reprinting it below. And playing with the fonts again. Happy Birthday Dad/Buelo!

Things That Make Buelo Special

I thought about all the things that make Buelo special. I asked a lot of people and here’s what I found out. Chase and I agree that he and his jokes are very funny. Chase also likes his music. I think another thing that makes him special is that he likes my jokes. Mommy says that he can walk into a room not knowing anybody and by the end of the night he knows everyone and that he is good at making rice and gondules. She also says that he is good in emergencies. Lisa says he makes cool paper airplanes and that he likes to hike to scary places. Wes says he’s photogenic and that he looks like Alex Trebec. Wes also said that he has a green thumb and that he’s good at building things and that he is good at poetry. Daddy says that he’s very devoted to his family. Sierra says that she likes his hairy arms, even though it sounded more like “ababaluvawuva.” Grandma says she likes it when he brings her tea without her asking. She also says he’s good at music and that he taught himself to play the cuattro. Uncle Angel said that he has a good sense of humor and he has street smarts. He also says that Buelo is good at making friends and is a good thinker. Sylvia said that she liked his gondules and Sami said that there was one time that he liked when they went to a restaurant where there were boats, because it was grandma’s birthday, and he was climbing all over Buelo to see the boats out the window. And last but not least, he makes a great Buelo!


Lori said...

this is wonderful. :^)

and it's the kind of present i would want to receive, too!

Anonymous said...

Great job and I hope your father has a very Happy Birthday!

Keeley said...

That's so cute! =)

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