Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Chase at Thirteen

I now have two teenagers. Today Chase is thirteen! I originally thought I would set this to post at his actual time of birth, I did with Marina's birthday post. Then I realized that would me it wouldn't read for most of his birthday! So I'll post it now, 11 hours before his actual time of birth, 7:35PM on May 20th.

Teen Chase

Chase was my easiest birth. I didn't even know I was in labor half of the day. I finally called the midwife because the little twinges I felt were about five minutes apart. It was the hottest day of that year, so I was very happy that we had him at the Birth Cottage, since it was air-conditioned. The ever helpful Marina, then three, jumped at Buelo's suggestion that she catch the baby, and was very upset when the midwife decided to take over. We made it up to her later. Marina was the third to hold her new brother after me and daddy.

I love that I have a son. He is caring and sensitive, helpful and loving, with a good sense of humor and the cutest dimples (yes, sweetie, I know I'm embarrassing you). How proud I am of his accomplishments, especially the black belt he received in Tae Kwon Do last winter. His artistic strength lies in sculpture. I've never seen a boy who could make so many toys with LEGOs, pipe cleaners, aluminum foil, cardboard and clay. What a joy it has been to watch you grow these thirteen years!

I always thought it wouldn't be hard for him to be a middle child, especially since he is my only son. But sometimes he has felt that middle child invisibility and because his birthday is the last one of the month, he assumed I wouldn't do much for him this month. He said I was probably only going to make cupcakes for his birthday. So I decided to surprise him with a pirate map cake based on the Pirates of the Caribbean game he likes to play.

Pirate Map cake

I'm only posting one picture just in case he wants to put it on his blog. If I try this again, I think I will use thinner icing and make the islands out of cookies. I have pastry chef's cramp.

We have now reach the last of the May birthdays. May Madness is over. I have baked five cake recipes this month to produce three birthday cakes. And I managed to get through it all and actually lose a couple of pounds. Woohoo!


flmom said...

Happy Birthday Chase - enjoy your special day! That cake would be a big hit at my house. :o)

Anonymous said...

Great cake! Happy Birthday Chase. I'll call you tonight to find out how good the cake tasted.
Love, Aunt Linda

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!, Chase
As your birth was a party for all of us, your life has been a terrific joy
even when I hear you talk and watch you walk. I'm proud of you for what you are, what you do, how you do things with so much focus and dedication, your gentleness with your sisters. All this blah! means that you fill my heart with joy, love and excitement at seen you grow. I love you,

Baby Murloc said...

Happy Birthday!!

Anonymous said...

Chase you are a real hunk! I love going to the Mall with you, eating at the cafes and listening to you explain your computer games. Happy Happy 13th! Your party at Storytelling was fun fun fun.
Love, Grandma

Lori said...

what a great mom you are :^)

best birthday wishes to your boy!

ComfyDenim said...

Happy Birthday Chase!!!

two teenagers.Wow.
I wont say any more about mini-me being 10.


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