Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers' Day!!!

Busy day ahead, but I will be in and out adding to this post.

I wish all of the mothers I know a very joyful Mothers' Day! I will be in and out adding to this post later, but I wanted to share my mom's post about my grandmother. I wish my children could have known her, but I realized a lot of what I love about her is within my own mother.

Home Spun strip #98

I hope all of the mothers had a lovely day! I pulled one of my comics out of the archives just for you!

Today started with breakfast in bed. They are getting much better at this. Sierra brought me the paper to read while I waited. Chase made some eggs for me, Sierra made toast, hubby made coffee and Marina baked ginger spice muffins. I'm not sure if anyone cleaned up after. I decided not to look.

After church, we met my parents at the movie theater for Star Trek. Awesome! I am so glad it was good. We don't go to movies often, so it was nice to get our money's worth. My only issue was the sound was a bit loud for my taste. I like to come out of a movie with my hearing intact.

Next we went to an Applebee's restaurant for dinner and then home where my mother gave me a beautiful Lady's Mantle plant for my garden. My dad also brought a grapevine cutting. I can see I'll be spending a lot of this week digging.

And now I need to finish the comics for tomorrow! I've decided to keep it simple this week, I hope everyone enjoys it!

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