Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sierra at Seven

My baby is having her seventh birthday today. Seven years since she was born at home in our bed.

She's done so much in her short life.

She smiled when she was a day old.
She taught herself to use scissors when she was two.
She built a "motherboard" out of LEGOs.
She has the artist's eye. And the artist's temper.
She's gotten down and dirty with nature.
She's scared the wits out of us.
She helps without anyone asking.
She gave herself a haircut. Twice.
And soon she will be in her very first dance recital.
She is my little spitfire. My angel with the mischievous smile.

Happy birthday my darling Sierra! I love you!


Dave @ Home School Dad said...

Sounds like birthday central at the juggling family. Birthday season at the home school dad family comes in the fall.

Vicki said...

HaPpY bIrThDaY sIeRrA!!!! Have fun and don't scare your mom today!!!

=D Even though I highly enjoy hearing of your adventures after the fact!

Lori said...

happy happy birthday :^)

Inner Elder said...

Finally my computer is allowing me to comment again. How lucky I was to be present at Sierra's birth. And what a beautiful strong young girl she is becoming. Looking forward to our birthday outing at American Girl tomorrow.
Love, Grandma

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