Friday, May 15, 2009

Two Cakes Down, One to Go

I thought I would share Marina's cake, since I'm quite happy with how it turned out. It actually took two cake recipes, one for the cat and one for the pillow. I thought the cat alone would be too small.

The Cat Cake

Here are the girls with the cake. See what I mean? Tiny. Especially since I had secretly invited over her two best friends to share with us. And some siblings. And Grandma and Buelo had also come by.

Cat Cake and girls

Marina doesn't see her friends as much as she used to. One decided to start high school this year. The other is very busy with theater productions and opera. She also decided to start high school next year. It's a specialized school, so I think she will be happy there.

I notice that once our homeschooled friends reach their teens, we start seeing less of them. Whether they opt to go to high school, begin taking college courses, or get part time jobs like Marina did, the teen years seem to start the cycle of breaking away from the home. I've seen the process before. Older homeschoolers move on and into the world while younger homeschoolers begin the next wave. This is the first time I'm experiencing the end of this cycle first hand. I admit, it is scary. Marina could be in college soon. I don't even need to report her next year unless I want to. I probably need to decide soon about that. But I'll wait until May is over.

Chase will be thirteen on May 20. I still have one more birthday to celebrate.


Inner Elder said...

I am so happy my computer let me comment that I am commenting again. Hope you have a fun filled adventurous year, Marina. Live long and prosper (still recovering from Star Trek). Love, Grandma

Anonymous said...

Awesome cake! Happy Birthday Marina. I hope you had a wonderful birthday.
Love, Aunt Linda

Vicki said...

Beautiful girls. Very cool cake!
They grow up too fast IMHO.

Anonymous said...

My daughter is almost sixteen. She also lost touch with homeschool friends who decided to attend high school. I can't believe that her compulsory schooling time will be over in five months. It's a strange time, but we mothers will get through it. You have two beautiful girls.

~*~The Family~*~ said...

That cake is so cute I would feel bad cutting into it!

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