Thursday, July 16, 2009

Sharks, Jellies, and Penguins, Oh My!

We had a lovely day at the aquarium today. Hubby is on vacation this week, but Marina is not, so we decided to take advantage of the one day everyone had free to head to the Maritime Aquarium.

02-Tiger Sand Shark The highlight is usually the shark tank. Unfortunately we always have trouble photographing the sharks. The light is low and the sharks don't stay still. Chase did well with this shot, but it is blurry if you look at the larger version.

The jellyfish are a favorite of mine. 04-More Jellyfish
It must be my history with these creatures. I admit, I enjoy them much more when they are safely separated from me behind a tank wall. By the way, this picture is not upside down. The jellyfish were floating down to the bottom.

05-Penguin We were happy to see African Penguins today. A special exhibit was set up for July and August called Penguins on the Loose. Some of the penguins are brought out to meet visitors as an aquarium biologist gives a talk about these interesting birds. And I am amazed at how well this picture came out, since the glass I was photographing through was covered with water drop streaks.

I just realized I didn't upload any pictures of the fish! And I am waiting for my husband to take the videos off of the camera. The otter was particularly frisky today, and Chase filmed a movie of him. Check here again on the weekend for updates!

Update: Ack! My husband's hard drive suffered a mechanical failure. After he uploaded our videos. I guess we need to get back to the aquarium and try to film the otter again. My apologies. Thank goodness the photos are on my camera.

For more photos, view the slideshow!


Laughing Stars said...

I have zoo envy. We don't have any with penguins in our area. ;-)

The Stone Age Techie said...

Those jellyfish are AMAZING! Looks like a great trip.

Inner Elder said...

Glad you had a getaway. Great pix! Love ya! Mom

flmom said...

Very cool jellyfish photo! Our science curriculum will be all about swimming creatures - I think we're really going to enjoy it.

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