Monday, September 14, 2009

Home Spun strip #391

Home Spun comic strip #391


appleleaf said...

The up side is that a nice cuddly pussy cat tends to keep you in one spot when you need to concentrate on something.
Thanks for your last post. I remember 9/11 well. For you, right in the city where it happened, it must have been horrendous. I can see how having such good news that same day would have been very significant.
Also, I can well remember the ground-breaking news of expecting a new arrival when the 1st two have already reached a certain age. I've been there too.

flmom said...

The same thing happens here except he's a 50+ pound Aussie that loves to have his belly rubbed. :) It's an important part of our school day!

Mama Self said...

Love the last two comics! Don't have any cats here, but I can only imagine how my youngest would torment them (not meaning to) if we did. :)

Have a great week!

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