Monday, October 12, 2009

Home Spun comic strip #403

Home Spun comic strip #403

Continuing my series of answers to homeschooling questions, I don't know why this is such an interesting topic. It's like asking a chef what he used in that sauce, even though you may have no clue how to tell saucepan from a stew pot and limit your culinary exploits to memorizing take-out telephone numbers. I also wonder how many people throw around the term curriculum and actually know what it means. Or which meaning they mean. Know what I mean?

For us, I have a list of subjects written in a notebook and we have a library. Actually, two libraries and an extensive collection of books on various topics which may or may not be perused over the course of a year. If I wanted to follow a school's curriculum, I would send them to school. Why reinvent the wheel?


The Stone Age Techie said...

I can appreciate this one - we're always near or at our library's 50-book limit.
Thanks for the laugh!

Mama Teaching 2 said...

HA HA....Yea...our librarian know us! They don't even ask for the card anymore. And helping my youngest get his own card and sign for it was almost better for them than for me. HEE HEE

Kez said...

lol - I didn't know we used the same curriculum :)

Laughing Stars said...


Keeley said...

We went to the library today and I thought about you and this strip... =) =)

Funnily enough, a homeschooling friend of mine was in the line in front of me with her six children. Each of the children checked out a bagful of books.

Actually, gave me palpitations thinking about all the fines that would accrue if I had six children and they checked out a bagful of books each... =D

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