Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Home Spun comic strip #410

Home Spun comic strip #410

Every year I get three pumpkins. Three kids, three pumpkins. No complaints. Well, some complaints. Someone always has the better shaped pumpkin, or the best stem. I would get very excited helping to scoop out pumpkin guts and helping them decide on designs and carve them.

But as they get older, they do a lot of the work themselves. Marina has been carving her own pumpkin for years. This year Sierra did most of her own carving. They all make their own designs. Which leaves me with very little to do other than scooping pumpkin guts. Which isn't exactly fulfilling, creatively. You all know from my cakes and our edible models how much I love playing with food.

This year I bought an extra pumpkin. I had to get Sierra to agree to allow me to carve one (she gave me the littlest) but it was worth it. I didn't realize how much I missed carving pumpkins. It satisfies my inner sculptor.

If you want to satisfy your own inner sculptor, but without the pumpkin guts, this is a cute site for virtual pumpkin carving. Don't tell the kids until you've had some time to play with it.


Mama Self said...

Love it! We get one BIG one, and my hubby carves it. This year we are going back to the old standby - Charlie Brown! Lee always gets TONS of compliments. The kids and I roast the seeds and we all munch on them together. Great memories!

Have a wonderful week. :)

Keeley said...

Between you and me, I hate pumpkin carving. Bert always helps the little one and I provide moral support. =D

Soooo, are you going to post pictures of your creation? =)

Inner Elder said...

Your pumpkins are works of art! Be sure to save them for me to see. Lots of Love, Mom

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