Friday, October 30, 2009

Home Spun comic strip #411

Home Spun comic strip #411

My children usually go trick-or-treating with homeschooling friends in a different neighborhood. After spending about an hour or so going door to door, they head back to their friends' house where everyone goes through their candy haul. A lot of trading goes on at this time. After a while, everyone throws their unwanted candy into a bowl. Our friends take this unclaimed candy with them to their classes in the city until it's all gone.

A lot of times, Halloween candy becomes building material for gingerbread houses. I usually toss out the remains at Easter time. I figure by then, they had it long enough to eat it if they wanted it.

I really don't remember Halloween candy lasting longer than a day when I was a kid...

I will be taking a comic strip break next week to prepare my quarterly reports. Happy Halloween everyone!


Inner Elder said...

Great strip! I thought stock exchange before I read your punch line. Happy Halloween!

Love, Grandma/Mom

The Stone Age Techie said...

This is exactly what our Halloween nights look like!
Great strip... enjoy your quarterly reports :-)

Stephanie said...

I **LOVE** it! :-)

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