Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Home Spun comic strip #413

Home Spun comic strip #413

Sometimes it helps to have an older child who is very excited about learning games to balance the ambivalent child. Nothing makes an activity interesting as knowing your older sibling wants to play it.


appleleaf said...

That's how it is around our place too. Even if we want a job done, Logan & Emma only need to pretend to run off, and Blake will dash past them to really do it (to their satisfaction).
Glad you had a good Monday. That skunk, Flare, is gorgeous!! I guess that's easy for an Aussie who's never smelled one to say, but it's triangular face looks so cute.
Thanks for your comments. I always love to see I have a comment from you. (Hey, we loved the Ramona stories and her kitty-cat Quimby Q too).
The monthly newsletter idea seems to be working well so far.

Keeley said...

Hahahaha!!! Ain't that the way it is? =D

MamaLou said...

Are you sure you don't live at my house??

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