Thursday, December 24, 2009

Home Spun comic strip #428

Home Spun comic strip #428

Merry Christmas Everyone!

My Christmas wish for all my friends and family is for a day so filled with joy and laughter it carries you through all of next year!


Laura said...

Merry Christmas! I've enjoyed your Christmassy posts/comics - loved the one with cat dragging the present. We had a great and fun surprise -- after taking bets on which of our three cats would be the first to climb into and topple the Christmas tree, we all lost when it was our ungainly, fluffy, laziest-cat-in-the-world, Tirez -- and she has been the only one to thrice attempt it. The other two, younger and arguably more spry, just don't seem to appreciate it. ;-)
God bless -

Jessica said...

Oh yes! It has been so nice not to have to deal with that this year!

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