Friday, December 4, 2009

Home Spun Vignette #9

Home Spun Vignette #9

It is a blessing that Thanksgiving weekend was so peaceful, because we have been very, very busy this week. Chase has been making some final preparations for his second-degree black belt exam this evening, which included a paper on the history of tae kwon do, several extra classes and a last minute photo session of the poomse he made up, followed by several hours of me fiddling with computer programs to help him put it all together and print it out. And two last minute trips to buy ink cartridges for the printer (the first trip resulted in the wrong cartridge.) All I can say is that homeschooling does not make one immune to the phrase "Oh, and I need it by tomorrow." At least I got a nice thank you card from my son for the help. My husband's car went in for repairs on Tuesday and to coin a phrase, "It's dead, Jim." Our poor little 17 year old Camry is now about as useful as a paperweight. We are back to being a one car family. Oh well, I don't suppose it would be difficult to chauffeur one more person around when he needs me to, and on the bright side, hubby will get a little exercise sprinting for buses. In the midst of all this activity, Sierra has turned vegetarian, which involved a extra long grocery store trip as I tried to figure out what to feed her. Long story. I can't make this stuff up. Oh yeah,'s my birthday.

At some point, I'm hoping to start preparing for Christmas. I'm thinking I should have some free time by the end of the month. Good thing we celebrate Little Christmas!


Anonymous said...

Hi! Tina;
First, Have a wonderful bithday full of free time! And always remember that free time is better than cheap time.
You are the best today and always.
The presense of your life's adventures and the imaginative solutions you come up with have always been my paradise of joy, admiration and learning ever since you saw the light of this world.
I love you and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Janet said...

Happy Birthday! Good luck with the vegetarian shopping. My eight year old keeps threatening to turn vegetarian so if you find amazingly good things- we'd love to hear about them :-) I hope your day is joyful!

Julie said...

Happy Birthday! I have really enjoyed the strips this week. It must be a bad week for cars everywhere, both mine and my oldest son's are in for repair. His will make it, mine...maybe not.

CarolynM said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! I truly hope the busy-ness of the day can show you how important you are in the lives of so many. My own schedule is full-to-overflowing, and yet more things keep getting added to it -- and I've already pruned away as much as I possible can. I'm trying to convince myself that it means I'm loved, I'm important, and no one else could possibly survive without me. :-)

Oh, and I'm praying for immunity from this contagion of car troubles!!

Again, have a blessed birthday!

Laughing Stars said...

Oh, is it time to start getting ready for Christmas already?? :-D

Happy, HAPPY Birthday. I wish you much joy today and in the year ahead.

Sandra said...

Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

Sierra is a vegetarian, or a vegan? Maybe it's Sierra's "joke" gift for your birthday and tomorrow she'll be back to eating meet!
Happy Birthday! Linda

~*~The Family~*~ said...

The happiest of birthdays to you!!

Kez said...

Happy Birthday!!

jugglingpaynes said...

Thank you everyone, for the birthday wishes! Yesterday was so crazy, it was nice to find so many messages when I returned! Hopefully, I'll be able to update on our activities soon!

Elizabeth Symington said...

WOW, you have been busy and crazy productive. Sounds like a rich life, full of lots of memories. I am sure the kids will appreciate you for all that you do for them when they are adults (although they sounds very grateful now, given the thank you card from your son).

Have a blessed birthday.

appleleaf said...

Hope you had a happy, happy birthday!
I find all of 2009 but particularly November and this first part of December has flown!
Looking forward to reading how Chase did in his exam. And I hope you do write about how Sierra decided to become a vegetarian. Was it for altruistic or health reasons or both? Got to take my hat off to someone as young as her taking a stand.
Whew, you're right when you say homeschooling doesn't exempt one to hearing, "I need it by tomorrow."
We've just enrolled Logan in an Open Access study course next year. He'll be doing formal study from home and communicating with teachers & other students over the phone. I've loved the unschooling sort of lifestyle but am getting too nervous to keep it up the older he gets. More about that on my next post, which will be before the new year.
Yes, you're right, my big one's coming up on the 24th.

The Stone Age Techie said...

Happy belated birthday!
I'm enjoying your vignettes very much, it is amazing what you do with just one panel.
What did you end up feeding your new vegetarian, anyway?

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