Friday, January 22, 2010

Home Spun comic strip #438

Home Spun comic strip #438

I'm not sure how this one will come across to my readers who have only girls. Those of you who have boys will probably understand. Let's say I've had the pleasure of learning the difference between boys and girls first hand. Surprise! It isn't just physical. Where girls are inclined to use words to express themselves, boys are more likely to take a hands on approach, usually by hitting, throwing something, or spitting. Then around age seven or eight they discover the miracle of language. And before anyone tells me that girls do this too, I'm not denying it. But based on my personal observations of my children and their friends, boys tend to do it more.

It has been a long time since I've had to apologize for my son's behavior or defend him against the injustices of another boy. We've had some crazy moments when I never thought I could civilize him. Eventually, he passed his savage stage and become a decent young man of whom I'm quite proud. And who mumbles a lot. Welcome to the teens.


call*me*kate said...

That Chinese Pangolin TOTALLY freaked me out! I don't think I can sleep, now! Ooouuuhh (or however it's spelled!)

Deep breath. Um, I get what your saying about boys. Chad was such a chore to raise but he's a pretty cool guy now, at least most of the time. If I could just get him to brush his teeth better and stop thumping his sister whenever she bosses him. And he mumbles, too. I make him repeat what he mumbles. And I've taken to thumping him when he thumps his sister. Nothing else has worked, so far. Of course, Carmen needs to stop bossing him. It never ends.

Oh, it's SO hard to find friends/families that are compatible. So hard. I won't even go there right now. Just know that you are not alone in this area.

Be blessed and have a great weekend!
- Kate (I've nearly forgotten the Pangolin)

Anonymous said...

Yup, I had my girl first . . . then a boy who I thought was the worst behaved child . . then another boy who was even worse! And yes, the 13 yo is finally quite civil . . . I never have to interfere with his interactions except . . with his little brother. You know, the one who's spitting on him.

However, have you lived with a teen girl? Um. Payback.

jugglingpaynes said...

dbmamaz: I have to admit that my experience with teen girl have been nice. I think it's because she went through a teen period when she was four. Of course, I still have one more girl to raise to the teens, so I should probably cross my fingers!

The Stone Age Techie said...

I know just what you're talking about, it can get pretty savage between my two boys!
I never had any girls, but when I was a teacher I found that the inward negative 'girl' stuff bugged me far more than the outward negative 'boy' stuff.
Girls would hurt each other with secrets, quietly, and that hurt wouldn't go away so easily. Boys hurt each other in a way that was obvious, and so it was easier as a teacher to help the boys get through things.
Does that make any sense?

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