Tuesday, February 2, 2010

February is the Longest Month

I've spotted it all over the internet, in my email inbox, in my living room... It's creeping into the hearts of friends and family. I've noticed a lot of gloomy dark clouds, and they aren't in the sky.

Midwinter. Can you feel it?

February is the shortest month when it comes to days. But Einstein said something about time being relative. It depends on which side of the bathroom door you are on and how badly you've got to go. By my calculations, February could be measured in dog years and still fall short of the mark on how long it feels. Kind of like windchill.

I just told Sierra that today is Groundhog Day. She said, "What?"
I said "It's Groundhog Day."
"It's Groundhog Day."
"I feel like I'm in Groundhog Day."
And that's my point. February is actually the longest month of the year. Maybe that's why they only gave it 28 days. Every four years, there is panic in the streets because February gets an extra day. That's like another week in winter month years.

So we fight it. We stick as many holidays and celebrations into little February as we possibly can. Anything to make it feel like it's moving faster.

Here are some suggestions to help bring your February to a quick and painless end:

~Visit the Carnival of Homeschooling! This week the Carnival is being hosted at As for My House. The theme is "What Matters Most."

~Get moving! I found out from my friend Mrs A that February is Heart month. Do your heart a favor and keep it healthy by getting some exercise.

~Laugh. You know I'm always going to suggest this one. Find something that tickles your funny bone and spend some time laughing. Laugh even if you don't mean it. Laugh with your kids and your friends. Need inspiration? Check out John Cleese in this video about laughter yoga.


Karen said...

I can usually get through February okay, but I feel this way about March. It just.... drags... on....

jugglingpaynes said...

Karen: I've always been fine with March. The days are noticeably longer, which helps my mood immensely! I like sunlight!

Jessica said...

Yes, February is VERY long! It just feels like winter will never end and my poor girls are SO bored! We had our homeschool Valentine's party and there was a great turn out. All the families were dying for interaction. lol

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