Monday, March 8, 2010

Home Spun comic strip #454

Home Spun comic strip #454

From grades 4 to 7, we used Singapore math for Marina. I did like Singapore math, it was very logical. Sometimes they would throw in a problem that required a call to my math support (my mother or my sister), but for the most part, I found it challenging for her and easy to follow.

Then Marina outgrew Singapore.

For the higher grades, Singapore has a set of books called New Elementary Math. I suppose if I had had a degree in mathematics, I may have had some hope of understanding the higher books. Instead, I found myself thrust back into my junior high school years of fearing failure. It didn't help that the series was approaching math in a completely different way. A little algebra here, a little geometry there...I felt like I just crossed the border into a foreign country without my passport or a map and no knowledge of the local language. Except this time I had my child there with me and watching her struggle and lose confidence was causing me to lose confidence in my ability to homeschool.

(to be continued....)


Anonymous said...

I have the opposite problem w my son - i loved math so much, I can understand it in any format - but I have trouble helping my son understand it. We're using life of fred prealgebra right now, after backing off of LOF algebra, and quitting ALEKs due to computer issues.

ComfyDenim said...

I never liked Math. By the time I was in Algebra there were just too many mental blocks up.

My math support is The Professor who breathes ciphers. And for that I'm very, very glad.

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