Saturday, March 13, 2010

Meeting Scott Mebus

Last weekend, my husband took Marina and Chase to our favorite independent bookstore, The Voracious Reader. Author Scott Mebus was appearing at the bookstore to read and sign autographs. We've read and enjoyed Scott's books immensely, perhaps because they are so full of New York City history. Gods of Manhattan and the second book, Spirits in the Park are the first two in a trilogy about a brother and sister who learn how to see into the world of Mannahatta, a spirit world within Manhattan where former leaders and other famous personalities become gods of the city after they pass away. Here is a photo of Scott Mebus reading from his second book.

Scott Mebus Reads

Marina was very excited to have asked Scott a question about the series that he couldn't answer, since it is pertinent to the third book (which will be out soon). He was very impressed with Marina and Chase, since they had not only read the book, but had researched many of the more obscure characters mentioned in it. Originally, Scott Mebus was going to have the story set across the US, but it would have been such a huge project he became overwhelmed and decided to focus on NYC. This would make it possible to include lesser known historical figures along with major names like Alexander Hamilton and Peter Stuyvesant. Scott is hoping to write similar books based in other cities, like Boston.

All in all, Marina and Chase had a great time meeting this author. Unfortunately, I couldn't go because I was still dealing with a nasty cough. Chase was nice enough to make some videos of Scott Mebus for me to make up for it. I'll post one or two as soon as Tech Support uploads (downloads?) them from the camera.

Scott Mebus with Marina and Chase


Karen said...

How exciting, to meet an author whose books you really love!
I'm going to reserve these from the library, they sound great.
Thanks -

Inner Elder said...

Great photo! I can't think of anything more pleasing to an author than to be read and being asked a question that shows the reader preserved part of what you wrote! Love, Mom

Mama Self said...

So cool!!! You can tell they were all delighted with each other. Here's to good authors and those that read and love their works! :)

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