Thursday, April 29, 2010

My Old Man

My old man is not very old.
If I admit that he is, I must admit I am getting old.
And I am not old.
I think I get that from my dad.
He seems to get younger.
Maybe because of his love of babies and animals.

Buelo and baby

My old man is something special.
He puts his heart into all he does.
How many can say their dad
Fought against the injustice he found in his community?
Gave up smoking because he didn't want to be addicted?
Was saved from an aneurysm because he was part of a health study?
Or walked on hot coals?
My dad did!
He backs me up in my crazy schemes
Because he's had a few of his own.
He once recruited teachers for public schools
And now he supports my homeschooling with the same energy.
He is proud of his grandkids.
My three and three more grandsons.


My old man is something special.
And he is not old.
Age is merely how many years you have traveled
Not how much living you have packed into your suitcase.
My dad is full of life!
¡Te quiero papá!
Happy 7oth Birthday Dad!


Anonymous said...

Hi! sweeties:
I'm like wine where aging is just a process for quality of taste, not a destination. I'm quite pleased with what I see around me and in me. And that's all that matters. Isn't this world and the universe in which it's wrapped a magnificent scenery to be a part of? I love it. And I love you all, Dad

Inner Elder said...

Beautiful tribute from a beautiful daughter. Love, mom

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