Sunday, April 25, 2010

Panic Interrupted

Last Wednesday was an interesting day, and part of the inspiration for my comic strips this past week. Our regular storytelling day took place that day, but close to the same time was an information meeting for homeschoolers at the community college nearby. These two events were taking place within a ten minutes drive from each other, so I definitely could not pass up the chance to have Marina look at her very first college.

In case you are wondering, I have not discovered the secret to being in two places at the same time. I'm hoping Marina will come across that in her "fun" readings of physics. Until then, I will have to do what I did on Wednesday, which was to leave Chase in charge of running storytime and in charge of Sierra while I left the library early with Marina to drive her over to the college.

There was a great turn out for the college meeting. Many homeschoolers in our area use college classes during the high school years. I was probably one of two parents who were actually there for information about going to college and the special needs homeschoolers have in our area. For example, we wanted to know about the 24 credit option for the high school equivalency degree, since NY will not let New Yorkers get a college degree unless the have a high school or equivalent degree. It is so gratifying to know that New York has such high regard for their high school diplomas that they will refuse to give you a hard earned college degree unless you can prove you are capable of passing the GED.

Anyway, after a question and answer session that easily could have gone on for another hour, we started the tour of the campus. It was already late, and since I wanted to get Chase and Sierra before the homeschoolers left the library's playground, I left Marina with the tour group and headed back to the library. Luckily, storytelling had gone smoothly, and some homeschooling moms were still enjoying the lovely day while the children played. I took Chase and Sierra and drove back to the college.

Now all I needed to do was find the group. I called my friend's cell and she told me they were heading back to the administration building. I figured I might as well wait for them, since I was already there. Twenty minutes and several whines of hunger later, I called my friend again. They had stopped at the library and were now heading to the student center. I told her I would meet them there. If nothing else, we would be doing something besides whining waiting.

Colleges have lots of buildings. I remember that from my own college days. What colleges could really use are more "You are here" maps. I asked one student for directions and ended up in front of the wrong building. By the time another student walked us over to the student center, I wasn't sure they would still be there. I called my friend a third time but her phone kept dropping out. I caught the word "student lounge" before we were disconnected, so I stayed near the center hoping they would eventually show. They did. I was in time to walk back to the Administration Building with the group.

During this whole experience, I couldn't help feeling freaked out. It was probably a good thing that I had to coordinate running back and forth between the library and college. That gave me something to occupy my mind. Without that distraction, I might have spent more time thinking, "How can my baby girl be ready to look at colleges?"


Mama Teaching 2 said...

College!!!! Ack!!!! They should never make us witness them grow. They should stay our babies.

Jessica said...

Oh, yes. I didn't feel ready to enter the college atmosphere until 18, but my siblings went during their high school years at ages 14-16. And my older sister and I got very frustrated knowing that even though we had many successful semesters of college under our belts we couldn't get financial aid unless we had the GED. Something we were excited to skip in our state, but couldn't if we wanted a little financial help. Good luck to Marina though! I LOVED college because I wasn't burned out from classes like most kids. It was really exciting.

Mrs. A said...

Oh my goodness...Marina is ready for COLLEGE!?! And I was just gearing up to ask you about highschool-homeschooling!

Funny enough, I was so engaged in your story, that I didn't clue in about Marina's college attendance until the last couple of sentances. I think the 'information meeting for homeschoolers' was a very placating phrase.

Stephanie said...

How does time dissolve so quickly? *Sigh*

Rana said...

My kiddos are only 7 so I'm no where near thinking about college yet. I hope your daughter enjoys it.

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