Friday, May 21, 2010

Home Spun comic strip #483

Home Spun comic strip #483


Vicki said...

NICE!!! =)

Laura D said...

Hi there - I promise I won't spam you. Just had to say, I was reading about all the recent milestones, enjoying your daughter's comics, and just realizing how fast life goes. Thank you for all your write and draw with such a wise perspective. On a side note, I remain amazed and awed by your family's baking/food sculpting skills.
I really appreciated your thoughtful comment on my "puzzle" post, too - thanks for taking the time to comment on so many of my posts (though they are kind of scarce these days!) Just letting you know I'm 'lurking', but just enjoying all the cool things you do. I also bookmarked your post on resources you've used - that is great! Absolutely can't wait to check out the math stuff. I can forsee that that is one area I will need some creative help --


flmom said...

That's a great job descriptions!

Karen said...

Love this - it's so true!

Vicki said...

Hey!! You ran away from HSB!!! O_O

Lol, now my friends list says (-1) hahahha

I'm still checking out all their changes.

Have a wonderful day!

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