Friday, May 28, 2010

Home Spun comic strip #486

Home Spun comic strip #486

There are actually some good reasons why we've gone after some of our cats. Just as not every cat is a good mouser, not every cat is good at getting down from trees. When Dusty climbs a tree, she'll mew just to get attention. If we ignore her long enough, she gets bored and climbs down. Other cats have contemplated jumping from the tree to the house. Not a good idea since we would have to get them down from the roof. I prefer taking chances with a tree rescue. There was at least one cat that would hyperventilate and start chewing the bark. I have no idea why he thought that would help. We eventually figured out that the promise of deli-turkey was a good way to get him down.

If you do need a professional to get a cat out of the tree, don't call the firemen. We learned from some news articles a few years back that they don't really do cat rescues anymore. The fire department doesn't want to risk personnel on a cat, which makes perfect sense. What you can do is try calling a good tree service.

Marina is our resident tree climber. She's really good at getting up the multiple trunks of the elm, which is the favorite tree for the cats to get stuck in. Her favorite tree is the upright yew. It has a nice branching system she can climb like a ladder. Sierra's now taken over the "reading tree." Possibly because Marina has gotten a bit too tall for it. I guess she needs bigger trees to climb.


ComfyDenim said...

:-) while the comic is fantastic -
That last line is simply greatness. "Bigger Trees to climb".

Vicki said...

Oh my goodness! I will have to remember to not read here while my ribcage is recovering as the laughter that ensues hurts! Hahahaahaha! It's worth it though =D

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