Monday, June 14, 2010

Home Spun comic strip #493

Home Spun comic strip #493

This week's strips are not about the homeschooled kids. They're about the grown-ups. Because if we really want to convince the world that homeschooling is a good choice, we need to help them see that what we do is create a lifelong love of learning, a nurturing for knowledge, and a path for passion. (OK, I'm not sure if that last one works, but once you start alliterating it's hard to stop.)

There was a point when my husband felt like he wasn't contributing enough to our children's education. As if bringing home a paycheck wasn't enough. So I suggested he do something with them that he had talked about for a while--build a computer. It was a learning process for him as well as the kids, and since then he built a new computer for me after my old one fried. I'm not sure if he ever would have done more than talk about it if I hadn't suggested it as a homeschooling project. He is still figuring out how to improve the computers, fiddling with things, trying to make them work better and occasionally making mistakes. Because that's how we learn at any age.


Vicki said...

Excellent post!!

Vicki said...

=)I just read your post warning about moderation. I don't blame you at all. I've currently removed all such 'blocks' on Murlocs as my 77yo dad wanted to leave a comment and everything was blocking him! Lol. I give him credit for trying again and again and again. Maybe he'll figure out how to post today. Gotta love the ability to have the passion to learn new things at any age.

Maryellen said...

What a great idea, building a computer and teaching the children at the same time. That's quite a contribution to their education. He deserves a special Father's Day Award.

Your b/w comics are great!

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