Saturday, June 5, 2010

Real World Uses for Timed Tests

Times when thinking and calculating fast are important:

  • You're trying to reach level 50 on your favorite video/computer game
  • You're on a game show
  • When an animal jumps in front of your car on the highway
  • When your flight leaves in one hour and you need to plot the fastest route to the airport because the highway is congested. (we've done this one, it was hairy)
  • When you are facing off against a rabid animal
  • The house is on fire and you need to get everyone out safely
  • Your ship has sprung a leak
  • You have moments to save your patient
  • The time bomb is about to go off
  • The dam is bursting
  • You have a hostage situation
  • Oil is spilling into the Gulf of Mexico
  • When you're calculating the exact angle to aim the laser to shoot the asteroid to SAVE THE ENTIRE EARTH!!!
Please add to the list in the comments section!


Barbara Frank said...

You've been left alone for a moment (!) and you need to calculate whether you have enough time to grab a piece of chocolate from your secret stash and eat it before one of the kids reappears. (I've done this more than once.)

I like your comics! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Dave @ Home School Dad said...

When you are up against a Sicilian and death is on the line.

Stephanie said...

Ditto to what Barbara said! :-)

Anonymous said...

How Long to cook the beans so that I can set a timer in case I get distracted or fall asleep. More than once I have awaken to a house full of dark smoke. To this day I have been unable to find the switch to turn on my sense of smell. Am I the only one out there operating on four of the five sense cylinders? Love, Dad

Inner Elder said...

You become a reporter for a great Metropolitan newspaper. Maybe that's why most news articles contain inaccuracies or downright distortions! Love Mom

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