Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Scenes from a 2nd Degree Black Belt Confirmation


Last Friday, Chase had his 2nd Degree Black Belt confirmation and tea ceremony. (Sorry about the blurry pictures. He moves a lot!)


He had to demonstrate his skills. I love this shot. He looks like a genie that was just summoned from his lamp!


The tea ceremony symbolizes the passing of knowledge from master to student. They share a cup of tea and then Master Edwards puts on Chase's new belt before tying it onto Chase's waist.


Best part: He gets a sword to symbolize he is now a warrior.


Just in case you couldn't tell that was the best part.


We are very proud of our son's accomplishment. This is the culmination of four years of practice. Just shows what you can accomplish when you set your eyes on a sword goal.


Kez said...

Congratulations Chase!!

Stephanie said...

That is outstanding!!! Congratulations, Chase.

dining table said...

Congrats. That is one great achievement. That is not an easy job. I know that you give your best and effort to be able to get that goal. Congrats..

Inner Elder said...

Way to go Chase! I am proud of you. But I'm always proud of you. Love, Grandma

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