Monday, August 2, 2010

Home Spun comic strip #511

Home Spun comic strip #511


call*me*kate said...

Thanks so much for pointing out my error (and ever so nicely, too!) No, Chad wasn't born in August, he was born in July. I was just so stinkin' tired when I wrote that. Geesh!! Thanks for being a faithful reader!

This comic strip reminds me of the time we discovered that ladybugs emit something when they are frightened and caught. I'm sure it's a defensive measure but both my daughter isn't that keen on catching them anymore. I don't blame her!

Enjoy your week!
- Kate

Mama Self said...

I enjoyed catching up on many of your comic strips and happenings. Happy belated anniversary, and congrats on the souffles!! Enjoy the school year preparations and end of the summer. =)

ComfyDenim said...

HAHAHAHA It would phase me.
I thought this was why kids had pockets.

Mama Teaching 2 said...

My little outside boy has helped me overcome many fears!

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