Friday, August 27, 2010

Home Spun comic strip #519

Home Spun comic strip #519

I admit I was hesitant to use unschooling for U. I could practically hear the outcry of "What about H is for Homeschooling? C is for Charlotte Mason or Classical? E is for Eclectic?" and so on. The fact is, I am only beginning the unschooling journey, so it's on my mind lately.

And it was all I could think of for U....Besides Unicorn.

As I reach the end of the alphabet, I've felt a little stretched thin. I actually took out the dictionary to help inspire me for the final two letters. Dave has supplied me with X (Thanks, Home School Dad!) I will share those on Monday.

If you have anything good for U, V, and W, please share it in the comments!


Inner Elder said...

How about Unique, Urban or Urbane, Undercover or Uncover. Vacation, Vagabond (as in pioneer), Vocation, Volunteer. Women, Work, World, Wisdom, Wit (or witless). This is fun. Can hardly wait for alphabet part 2. Love, Mom

Teci Pulido said...

Add this alphabet to the many reasons I can't wait to have a family of my own and homeschool my kids :)

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