Monday, August 30, 2010

Home Spun comic strip #520

Home Spun comic strip #520

I liked ending on zig-zag. I think that describes homeschooling on so many levels. Our journey is not simply a straight line, but an adventure that wanders off on tangents.

Thank you to everyone who played along as I wandered through the alphabet! Last chance to give me your letter ideas in the comments!


Karen said...

What a great series, thanks again!

How about 'zone,' which can be for both zoning out and being in the zone, two sides of the same coin?

call*me*kate said...

X - ? X-tra time with your kids (is that cheating?)
Y - Yak, yak, yak, which is what my kids and I do most of the day. It's beautiful!
Z - Zealous: eager, earnest, energetic, enthusiastic, etc. Sometimes, all of these words describe a moment in homeschooling.

Today, we went to a really cool art supply store in our town - it's like no other store we have in our nearly 200 year old town. The kids love going and we nearly always come home with something new to use in their crafting. This time, it was a cartooning drawing book and an origami book. I once read in a Timberdoodle catalog that it's best to give children good quality art tools to use and I agree. My son, Alec's current interest is cartooning and, of course, YOU have been mentioned! I marvel at what he comes up with. I'll bet you enjoy what you do - it shows!

Enjoy your week!

Inner Elder said...

I really enjoyed your homeschool ABC's. OK How about the unknown "x" as in algebra. Y Yahoo, as in Google. And of course Z is for Zoo!

Love, Mom

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