Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Home Spun comic strip #527

Home Spun comic strip #527

Even though I started leaning toward unschooling several years ago, I was never brave enough to try it until recently. What can I say? We live in a state where homeschooling is highly regulated. I scare easily. And actually, "try" isn't the right word. My youngest forced me to unschool.

The thing is, we were already at a point where I spent half the year unschooling. I would spend September through November trying to set up a routine, but by the time Christmas came, our schedule was so interrupted it became impossible to get back into anything resembling normal. I would leave Marina and Chase to study on their own. The past two or three years has been even more complicated due to several funerals and events. Sierra just pushed me the rest of the way toward unschooling because she was born independent.


Amanda, the Head Nut said...

I've also started unschooling this year, due to my husband taking a job in Iraq and me trying to keep the house going solo. Between appointments, a few extra-curricular activities, extended family obligations and household indoor/outdoor chores, it's hard to fit in scheduled schooling.

Indiana is a homeschool-friendly state, so I have more leeway than you, but I still am scared that my kids won't learn the right skills. I'm the only one in my circle of homeschool friends that's going this route, and I always hearing about them diagraming sentences or studying ancient history.

I can tell you that my girls are happy and calm, and so am I. Even though my friends don't unschool, they support me. I know we are on the right track.

Mama Self said...

Though not into unschooling, I definitely can relate to the fear that arises when test time comes at the end of the year. Most kids aren't good in all subjects, and I certainly fail to teach well in certain areas. Fortunately, the benefits of home school FAR outweigh those shortfalls! May God grant us all grace in this endeavor.

TobyBo said...

Ahh, you are a brave soul.

And I did an image search for Piglet in armor. I came across some rather disturbing articles about pigs being used to test some sort of armor. I decided not to keep looking.

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