Monday, October 18, 2010

Home Spun comic strip #541

Home Spun comic strip #541

I apologize to anyone who ended up with a headache trying to understand the Schrodinger's homeschooling in the last comic strip. Mom, I'll have Marina explain it to you next time we see you. It doesn't sound anywhere near as confusing when she discusses it!

Hopefully, I will not need to explain today's strip! And yes, I have realized that with each new child, you end up with more chances to get your way. Especially if you have a good set of lungs. Sierra was born with an operatic voice and has a very doting big sister. Life has been good to her!


Inner Elder said...

Darwin homeschooling. I love your inventiveness and creativity. BTW I actually got to your site on my Nook! But I messed up trying to leave a comment from my nook. And I am relieved that other people had trouble figuring out the Shrodingers link - your comic made more sense to me. Love, Mom

call*me*kate said...

I tried to leave a comment for you the other day but my computer unexpectedly shut down. Can't remember what I wrote (must not have been very important!) Anyway, I just have a minute and wanted to tell you that I am pretty good at juggling 3 balls (have I ever shared that info with you?) My kids are impressed but they get nervous when I juggle apples. Afraid of bruises, I suppose. Since knowing you, I always think of you when I juggle and I usually mention you to my kids. They probably know you as well as they know their aunts in California!

Enjoy your week!

P.S. - We do have Bananagrams, by the way, and Carmen hasn't played in awhile but she does enjoy it - I like it, too, and play by myself sometimes, with my own rules. After 40, one can change the rules, right?

Stephanie said...


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