Monday, November 15, 2010

Home Spun comic strip #550

Home Spun comic strip #550

In hindsight, I probably should have let Marina work on an edible model on her own. The problem was that I was looking at it as more of a history project, while she saw it as an art project. I know I'm not much of a team player when it comes to my art.

These days, it seems like teamwork is all important. I was surprised at how much time is spent working in groups in Marina's and her friends' college classes. While I agree that it is a necessary skill in today's workplace, we should not overlook the value of individual accomplishments. Especially since many "teams" consist of one person doing an inordinate amount of the work while others contribute little or nothing. Sad, but true.

Update for mom and dad: I'm not denying the importance of teamwork, only the lack of balance (as usual). In Marina's words: "It's like, working alone, you're not allowed to do it at all." There is a place for teamwork, but when it comes to more artistic endeavors, there is a certain need for solitude. Dad, guidance, assistance and support are not the same as teamwork. Teamwork, in the sense I am speaking, implies a group working together to solve a problem, research something, critique each other, etc.

In my own opinion, teamwork is used in schools to figure out who the leaders are. Someone (usually the one most interested or concerned about their grades) usually takes control of the group, and if they are a good leader, they delegate and make sure everyone in the group is contributing. If they are a bad leader, they do the project all themselves or just bark out orders. Marina has already shown her talent for leadership, but she also prefers her independence and alone time when she is creating something. I think this is true of many creative people, and we should respect it.


Anonymous said...

Team of one? Always be guided, or assisted, or supported by other people, animals or objects, like tools, machines, computers, or readers, etc. Teams inspire and support. Team up!
Love, Dad

Inner Elder said...

Yes, learning to work with a team can be very challenging but it teaches some important life and work lessons. Like learning to delegate and dealing with others' perspectives. Of course, you may come up with the dream team - like on the Enterprise. And then Wow! what you can accomplish. Love, Mom

ComfyDenim said...

I tend to agree with you here.
While I can learn from others and glean from their ideas. When it comes to a 'team' effort, I don't have that much to add. Which is odd...

but I tend to think like's art. Not food. ^_^

Inner Elder said...

You are certainly correct. I didn't mean to say that there's no place for individual effort. I can't imagine a "team" working on Da vinci's masterpieces or Beethoven's symphonies. Or even a team working with Marina to knit one of her art works. Balance is definitely the key here. Love Mom

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