Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Home Spun reprints #285 & 414: The Resource List

Home Spun comic strip #285

Home Spun comic strip #414


call*me*kate said...

Great Halloween photos! Your family is great at carving! Our pumpkins are starting to rot - ugh! We had a terrific Halloween, my husband traded nights with another nurse and had the night off after all. And, yes, we had to watch Nightmare Before Christmas (eewww!) We had a fun day/night.

It's good to be reminded that learning opportunities can come from many sources.

Enjoy your week!

Keeley said...

I'm at the library! You're not blocked at the library. HOORAY! I've so missed your blog. I'm loving these comics. =)

Inner Elder said...

Love it when you do reprints since I don't remember all of them. Love,Mom

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