Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Home Spun comic strip #557

Home Spun comic strip #557

It's true. I spend so much time trying to encouraging my kids to be independent, but when they actually show some sign of self-sufficiency, I feel unneeded. Take unschooling, for example. I love that Sierra has been pretty good at learning things on her own. The other day she folded a circle to show me how she figured out what one half and one quarter are. She also showed me the sevens table pattern she had drawn on her chalkboard. As she traced the pattern with her finger, she told me the entire sevens table up to ten times seven. This is great. Except my inner teacher wants to horn in on that success and say, "Hey! I taught her that!" But I can't. She did it out on her own. I'm only responsible for giving her the tools to find answers.

Marina read through this and compared me to James Bond's Q, who made all the nifty gadgets that 007 used on his missions. I like that analogy. I am an education Q!


Anonymous said...

Though e think we teach, wedon't. But we are always educating. That is helping to bring out the best learning experieces in those wwe think we teach. Enjoy the show and keep doing what you are doing so well.
Love, Dad

Inner Elder said...

Good for Sierra - 7 is a tough times table. Good for Marina's analogy (Who's Q? Is he like on StarTrek?) And good for you! Love, Mom

Linda Dobson said...

Hi, Cristina,

GREAT job connecting everything to your theme - very creative, clever, and fun; thank you!
All best,
Linda Dobson

Risa said...

So true! I feel conflicted when my boys demonstrate their independence too. Proud, but also a "Hey! I'm not sure I'm ready for this yet!" :-)

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