Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Home Spun reprints #203-205: Photography

Home Spun comic strip #203

Home Spun comic strip #204

Home Spun comic strip #205

The nice thing about having a sister who is great at photography is that she has good ideas for teaching the kids how to take pictures. And she also gives great presents. This year, Sierra got a camera tripod with telescopic legs for Christmas, which she excitedly described as "the best present ever!" She and Chase have been putting it to good use. She uses it to take pictures of herself. Chase has been using it as he experiments with animation. Who knew a three legged stand could be such an impressive gift for kids?

If you haven't seen Sierra's photography, check out her blog, Pictureka! (The link is in the sidebar.) I may be a doting mom, but I think her work is pretty good for an eight year old.


ComfyDenim said...

Too fun.

Our daughter, who received the old camera, likes to try to take pictures of The Professor and I kissing. The welcome home kiss. The sneak a kiss in the kitchen kiss. The Professor is really tired of it. He doesn't even listen anymore when I tell him, 'She's just romantic'. LOL

appleleaf said...

Wow, I agree with Sierra. What a cool present. I hope you're dealing OK being snowed in with your blizzards. And spare a thought for us, trying to cope with the opposite spectrum today with 43degreesC heat (somewhere around 120 on the F scale I think)
Have great new year celebrations in spite of the cold.

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