Friday, January 14, 2011

Home Spun comic strip #570

Home Spun comic strip #570

The truce regarding books that everyone in our family reads: The final chapters had to be read aloud. There were times when Marina failed to follow this rule simply because she doesn't notice chapters when she is engrossed in a story. Then again, she was much better at not giving things away. Like some kids. And...some grown ups. But in my defense, I don't always notice who is listening when I talk about books.

I sincerely hope it will not be long before Sierra joins our group reads. Right now she fluctuates between Daisy Meadows' Fairy series, Animal Ark and Nancy Drew. She is reading, so I won't complain. I'm sure there will be many family reads she can join in when she shows an interest in our books.


appleleaf said...

I love that rule. Family reads are great. I think I'd try to be tight-lipped like Marina.
I'm sure Sierra will be part of them soon. I had to smile to think of the rest of your family sharing all those series of hers you listed as family reads. Not quite the things for men and boys.

Inner Elder said...

I am glad that one more generation has joined the Nancy Drew brigade. I got my first Nancy Drew from my Mom who read them when she was a teen (circa 1930). Carolyn Keene wrote them into her 90's. They were about a "strong" young woman in the days when those books were a rarity, especially for young people. Enjoy, Sierra. Love, Grandma

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