Monday, January 24, 2011

Home Spun comic strip #574

Home Spun comic strip #574

I'm very grateful to Once Upon a Family and Malia Li'i Kula for posting their results of the frozen soap bubble experiment. We had some limited success with it in our 18 degree weather. This year we also caught snowflakes to study under a magnifying glass. Make sure the paper is chilled before you catch them. This prevents the ice crystals from melting too fast.


schmobes said...


It has to be pretty cold for the bubbles to really freeze well. I have been experimenting for you, and it seems that right around 0 F is when it starts to work well. They freeze before that, but not as quickly!

We'll be catching some snowflakes one of these days, that is always fun.

Happy snow!

Mama Self said...

What a cool idea! Indeed, our everyday lives give us plenty to study [and I don't mean just psychology!]. And I loved the previous one about the bathroom. A mom just can't hide there because the kids always find her!

Have a great week!

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