Friday, January 28, 2011

Home Spun comic strip #576

Home Spun comic strip #576

Great story about drawing this comic strip:

When I originally inked it in, I accidentally drew a speech balloon around Jess' words when I had intended to make it a thought. I figured I could fix it when I scanned it onto the computer. Of course, now that I was on the computer, aka the Great Distraction Factory, I figured I should update my Facebook page (I think it's some unwritten law for Facebook users). For my status I wrote, "Don't you just hate it when you make a speech balloon where you meant to put a thought bubble?" I thought you might enjoy some of the responses...

~Just as much as I hate it when I speak without thinking first! : )
hmmmm... let me think about that.... doh!
I think aloud all the time. LOL
Hmm..I think there's some deep insight in there somewhere...
Many things which should be in thought bubbles come out in speech balloons.
I guess it is the cartoonist's equivalent to sticking your foot in your mouth :D

And my personal favorite...

Did you know that if you think outside in sub-zero temps your thought bubbles will freeze?


Melissa R said...

This is so Ian (8), I had to share. Ian is usually contemplating huge things like the difference between heaven and reincarnation, or thinking about how he will beat the latest boss in a video game, or his latest social faux pas, all while he is walking around working on a math problem. It's frustrating for me, because that's not how I work on math problems! But I've gotten used it to and let him do his thing. I don't know how he can do it. He will work on a word problem in his head for 5 minutes while wandering about and never writing down anything. Then he comes over, tells me the answer and starts chatting about what he was thinking about at the same time. How can he keep all that math in his head without writing it down as he goes along to get the answer? It doesn't work for me, but it works for him! One of the many reasons we homeschool, as this method of math would never fly in a classroom!

Melissa R

Angel R said...

I hope you didn't get too many frozen thought bubbles today while you were helping me in the snow freezer. Thanks for your help. It was so sweet of you to volunteer. I love you,

jugglingpaynes said...

Melissa: I've always wondered if my children thought we had a terrible lack of paper that they tended to work out math problems in their head! And honestly, at this point I see no need to write down basic problems (addition, subtraction) as long as they are answering correctly. However, I encourage writing out problems when it comes to higher math, if only because there is usually too much going on to keep it all straight in your head. :o)

Keeley said...

Hahaha, I love it! =D It's a delicate balance, being a homeschool Mama, between letting their minds create fabulous stuff and focusing on the task at hand.

Inner Elder said...

I enjoyed the Facebook quips about speech balloons and thought bubbles. Maybe you need a new squiggly to capture e-comments.

When I was young and got "off the subject", we would play a game of "how did I arrive at this topic?" Then we would retrace the conversation. It was a fascinating lesson in how the mind/memory works. There's a Nova NOW science program on PBS this week that tracks brain energy in different tasks. I'd love to see the brain activity that goes on during distractions. Love, Mom

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