Friday, February 4, 2011

Home Spun comic strip #579

Home Spun comic strip #579

The year this happened, Marina took the test three times. The second time she was checking her work and was surprised by how many questions she had missed. When I was checking to see if she had filled the darn bubbles completely, I noticed the large amount of erasures and figured out what happened. The third time around she fixed her mistakes using the correct test. Then I spent a large amount of time making sure everything that needed to be erased was fully erased. I know I'm paranoid about this. I get flashbacks to my own childhood experiences with standardized tests. I was always afraid the scan reader would reject my bubble filling and I would fail miserably.

It came as no surprise when the testing company we were using later changed the format so that we only received the questions for her level.


Inner Elder said...

Maybe it was a test within a test to see if you were paying attention. There's no justice in "failing" on account of technology. Love, Mom

Keeley said...

How frustrating for the poor girl! So glad they changed the test format

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