Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Home Spun reprint #17- Tree time

Do you have a reading tree? We have a tree that has been the favorite for climbing. Marina first discovered how nice it was to read while sitting on a branch. Chase liked to climb up because Marina was there. As Sierra has gotten older, the tree has become her special reading place in warm weather. The branches are too close together, so the others are now too big for it.


schmobes said...

We don't have one now, but I did as a kid! Great place to read!

Misty said...

Oh - I'll have to mention that to my 9-year-old daughter who just fell in love with climbing trees this last year. In the car, I'll hear a shriek. After my heart stops, I ask what's wrong. "I just saw the most amazing climbing tree. The kids there are sooo lucky."

Maybe reading in a tree will help her love reading more :-)

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I've flirted with the idea of unlimited 'media' time, but was wondering how long I'd have to wait for them to finally get saturated and start self-limiting. Now, the boys (not my daughter) seem pretty enthralled with gaming, willing to do most anything for more time. I decided to limit mostly, when my 7-year-old was refusing to go to social groups, outside to play, on family outings, etc., because he'd rather play computers. I'm always looking for ways to encourage them to take responsibility for their own choices, though, so I'll keep experimenting.

Take care,


Denise said...

For my middle daughter, it's the roof of the garage, where she can soak up the sun. :)

flmom said...

I wish we had a reading/climbing tree. All our oaks are enormous and the lower branches are quite high off the ground. I'd be happy with a porch swing. :)

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