Monday, May 16, 2011

Home Spun comic strip #613

Home Spun comic strip #613

I realized I have never discussed birthdays in my comic strip. This is a dreadful oversight, considering birthdays use up a good chunk of May in our house. May birthdays make life particularly challenging as a homeschooling family. When we classically homeschooled, I struggled to finish up for the year by April, because I knew it would be too hard to teach them with the constant distractions of baking, family, and parties. Not only that, they managed to find friends who are also in May. I think we could fill most of the days of May with birthdays. Anyone else have a birthday month?


ComfyDenim said...

The closest we have to something like this is June. The Professor, G-man and myself all have birthdays in June. Then at the first of July is my dad's.

I'm not sure it's any easier to plan, though, when all the birthdays are strung out over the year. We have a birthday in each season and then there's Christmas. LOL It's an interesting time.

call*me*kate said...

Yes, as a matter of fact, I was born May 8th! May is a wonderful time to be born, except on Mother's Day and if you happen to be a mother, which I am and I was. Or, I was and I am. Meaning, I was born on Mother's Day and now we celebrate both occasions at once. We take a couple of days off and go to a mountain town to celebrate so everyone has fun. No cake to bake, either (Todd's crafty plan, I'm sure!) Happy Birthday to all and enjoy your special month!
- Kate (now 48!)

P.S. My word verification was actually "tattling" - how original!

Paula Vince said...

Ours is December! Mine is Christmas Eve and several members of extended family are spread right through month. We need separate birthday and Christmas lists and the presents get crowded all together beneath the tree.

Kim said...

Enjoying your comic strip very much! We homeschool, too.

Yes, May is one of our big birthday months, as well. Three out of 5 of our children have May birthdays. So what does that say about August? ;)

September is our other big birthday month.

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