Friday, May 20, 2011

Home Spun comic strip #615

Home Spun comic strip #615

Today is Chase's birthday. I have successfully navigated May Birthday Madness. Today my little boy is fifteen. It's interesting entering this month knowing that all of my children will change their ages by the end. They are now eighteen, fifteen and nine. How time passes! I'm so glad I have been able to watch them grow and learn. I wouldn't trade my experience for an extra paycheck, a clean house or even a less hectic schedule. We are living life the way we choose--and having lots of fun along the way.


Kez said...

Wow, birthday wishes to them all!

ComfyDenim said... make me smile.

Happy Birthday to everyone!!

Angel R said...

Dear Chase; Iasked you once to give me guidance on how to treat a teen age grandson so that I would know how to treat you and my three other grandsons. I've been guessing since you never answered me. The question gets more complex now that you are 15, have a mustage, are jovial and have the stength of an active Tae-Kwan-Do Black Belt.
I love you always, but specially on your 15th Birthday. I'm glad I could share this day with you. Love, and Happy Birthday,

Inner Elder said...

The cakes were worth every calorie! You are a Baker/Artist. Now get some RnR. Summer's almost here. Love, mom

flmom said...

Happy Belated Birthday to Chase! I love how kids start telling us the cake they want for their next birthday before the current one is over. LOL

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