Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Home Spun comic strip #626

Home Spun comic strip #626

I was very happy to finally get a chance to make some adjustments to my reel mower this season. I think I have been combing my grass for a while. The reel would spin fast, but it couldn't clip the thinnest blade of grass. After spending three days bent over the front lawn hand trimming the grass with my hedge clippers, I decided to dig out the tools and figure out how to reposition the blades so my mower could actually mow. This means it now takes some effort to push the mower along. When my kids were younger, they weren't strong enough to push the reel mower. I consider it my summer workout. I have very strong arms.


Karen said...

We've been thinking about a push mower! We're going to borrow one from a neighbor, and give it a try before we buy... I don't have very strong arms, it might be neat to gain strength by mowing :-)

Inner Elder said...

I admire your mechanical ability, which you certainly did not get from me. Next time I am at your place let me try the mower - I really need the upper arm workout. Love, Mom

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