Friday, July 15, 2011

Home Spun comic strip #636

Home Spun comic strip #636

I'm embarrassed to say our table is usually covered with at least one layer of newspapers, books, drawings, several pens, the occasional remnants of mail, cups and plates. And because I am usually the one who straightens the clutter into one pile, I know exactly what has been left on the table. I have an uncanny knack for remembering and finding whatever is left out. In fact, I'm usually the one who finds anything missing. My greatest moment was when I found a steel yarn needle Marina dropped on the lawn. You can't get closer to finding a needle in a haystack than that!

By the way, when Chase read this comic and told me, "But you DO have x-ray vision!"


Inner Elder said...

This is an ongoing battle, as you well know. Treasure your "x-ray vision". At least you can find things! Great strip! Love, Mom

flmom said...

I am so glad to know my house is not the only place this happens.

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