Friday, July 22, 2011

Home Spun comic strip #639

Home Spun comic strip #639

Some day I will hide a camcorder and show my online friends just how funny my kids can be. Usually jokes happen so spontaneously, I've never caught it on film. If they see the camera, they become deer in the headlights.

I hope you are enjoying this series. I've come up with some more for next week. And please let me know in the comments, when do YOU know you're a homeschooler?


Melissa R said...

...When my 8 yr old son is being made fun of (by public school kids) for wearing purple Crocs (apparently a GIRL color) and he didn't even know it. Thankfully it went over his head and he can continue to enjoy his purple shoes.

Inner Elder said...

I like this series! I love their tongue-in-cheek style humor. Love Mom

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