Wednesday, July 27, 2011


My husband took me away for two days. He wanted a little time alone. So we went upstate and went hiking and exploring. But first we got lost. This always happens. I should always make a point of buying a map first thing. The tourist maps are good for nothing. Especially when you explore an area that doesn't really believe in posting road signs. You can go for miles in some places upstate without any indication of what road or route you are on. City girl that I am, I'm spoiled. I like signs posted at every intersection.

Did I mention it rained? A lot? Luckily, we had half a day to walk some trails before the sky blackened and opened up. I'll have pictures up soon. Maybe tomorrow. They will involve many butterflies, a dragonfly, rock formations and a giant beetle that was out to get me. Tune in tomorrow.

Today we celebrate our twentieth wedding anniversary. Here is a list of twenty reasons we are still together, in no particular order.

  1. He laughs at my jokes. Even if they aren't funny. I do the same for him.
  2. We like to read. Often we share books with each other. And then discuss what we read.
  3. We can be quiet together, just sit relaxed, and know the other is there.
  4. We touch each other when we pass. Even if there was plenty of room to get by.
  5. He is one of the only people I feel comfortable talking politics with.
  6. I know I can be truthful with him about everything.
  7. I trust him. He trusts me.
  8. We discuss, but we don't argue much.
  9. He catches the bugs that would crunch if you step on them.
  10. We are both nature lovers.
  11. We are both romantics.
  12. He steps in when I don't feel like being the responsible one.
  13. I pay the bills so he doesn't have to worry about forgetting to do it.
  14. We both read the comics first.
  15. He edits and critiques my work.
  16. We can finish each other's thoughts.
  17. When I ask for the "thing", he knows what I'm talking about.
  18. He is protective of our family.
  19. We respect each other.
  20. There is no one we would rather spend the next twenty years with!


Paula Vince said...

Congratulations! They sound like 20 excellent reasons (except the one about you paying the bills wouldn't work well that way around here).
Getting lost in the rain can be good fun with the right attitude too.
Oh, it just dawned on me that our 20 year anniversary is coming up next year too.

Kez said...

Happy anniversary! 20 years is a fantastic milestone! Here's to the next 20.. :)

Steph said...

What a beautiful post! And happy anniversary and congratulations on 20 great years. My hubby and I just hit the 21-year mark.

Sorry i haven't visited in ages. I miss your heart and humor. :-)

Inner Elder said...

What a beautiful description of a beautiful marriage! I am so happy for you and Reed. May you enjoy many more years together. Love, Mom
PS You come from a long line of "getting lost". Some of our most interesting treks have been when we were lost. Glad you took time for yourselves.

Agape Ima said...

I love your post and your comics! My husband and I have been married for 10 years and all except the romantic bit I could claim everything on your list. It's a good feeling, like maybe we're doing something right. :) Thank you for sharing!

jugglingpaynes said...

Thank you for you comment Agape! I can honestly say that if you take care of each other, you will not even notice the time passing. We are now approaching 25 years and I still feel this list holds true!

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