Friday, September 23, 2011

Home Spun comic strip #660

Home Spun comic strip #660

I know there are some who would disagree with me, but I really believe in the importance of pets in the home. Even if you have one goldfish in bowl, caring for this creature can be an enriching experience. Right now we have five cats, one lizard, and about fifty or sixty Vietnamese stick bugs. That has taught us a lot. For instance, we learned that you only need to start with four or five stick bugs to have a second generation of fifty or sixty bugs. And the second generation is fast, especially if you open the cage after you spritz them with water. We had at least two stampedes where I had to carefully recover each and every rogue stick bug while protecting them from curious cats. Not an easy feat.

I will be taking a break next week and posting reprints. If anyone has a particular comic they would like me to run again, please comment and I'll try to find it. Have a nice weekend!


Steph said...

I agree! I think it's important for kids to have something that depends on them for care.

Inner Elder said...

This reminds me of your "life lessons from watching animals" series. Maybe you could reprint one of those. As I blogged after Scribbles death last week, I sure did learn a lot from him. And we miss him. Love, Mom

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